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Chocolate Tagliatelle with a Melted Chocolate and Argan Sauce

Chocolate pasta with chocolate and argan oil sauce.

Chocolate Tagliatelle with a Melted Chocolate and Argan Sauce

Letizia Pasqui is our new team member and a fully qualified chef, here is her creation, a divine dessert of chocolate taglitellie with melted chocolate and argan oil sauce, it's pure genius!


Ingredients (for 6 people)

For the pasta;

2 eggs

175g plain flour

25g pure cocoa powder

150g sugar


For the sauce;

200g good quality dark chocolate

4-5 tablespoons of Arganic oil

Sugar syrup to taste

Good quality vanilla ice cream to serve



For the pasta, sieve the flour and mix in a bowl with the cocoa. Then mix in the eggs and knead for a good 10 minutes before transferring onto a flat surface. (Dust with flour to avoid sticking. ) Flatten the dough with a rolling pin starting from the centre and applying pressure while rolling outwards and turning regularly.

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Porridge with walnuts, figs, and argan oil

Breakfast recipe with argan oil

Porridge with walnuts, figs, and argan oil

Did you know that some people take a spoonful of argan oil a day as a suppliment? As well as it being proven argan oil significantly lowers cholesterol, it is also full of anti-oxidents and esential fatty acids. Porridge is a great way to enjoy your argan oil and get your spoonful a day. Simply prepare you porridge as normal and add some walnuts as well as dried figs or dates. Then drizzle argan oil over the top and mix before eating. The nuttiness of the argan oil really compliments the walnuts and the dried fruit means no sugar is necessary. Simple idea but  a delicious way to start the day!

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Chickpea Balila, Middle-Eastern Street Food Style

Chickpea Balila, vegetarian, healthy and cheap.

Chickpea Balila, Middle-Eastern Street Food Style

This is a tasty, cheap and easy snack to make. The chickpeas, argan oil, and cumin give it a variety of health benefits and make it particularly good if you've got respiratory problems. Variations of this dish are common street food in parts of the Middle East such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Morocco. 


Dry chickpeas, soaked overnight. (Canned will not work since you need the stock.)
Powdered cumin
Argan oil


Toasted Pitta Bread Pieces


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